Programmes of work

Care Opinion

You can share your experience of HSCNI anytime through the online user feedback service, Care Opinion. The system supports two-way feedback between the service user and service staff and allows for analysis of the experience from service level supporting local service improvement, to regional strategic learning to influence commissioning and service development. For more information and to share your story go to:


10,000 More Voices

This initiative provides an opportunity for deeper exploration of experiences software called Sensemaker® to explore service user narrative. Sensemaker captures and orders the thinking of people’s attitudes, perceptions and experiences within a complex culture.

The workplan for 10,000 more voices is informed by strategic programmes and feedback from other sources (such as Care Opinion/complaints/incident) to look deeper at the issues and the experience of a defined service or process. For more information and to access current projects go to:


Care Homes

This initiative has evolved from work undertaken in response to COVID-19 pandemic which highlighted the importance of engaging with the residents and families to influence and inform decisions relating to living in a Care Home. Examples of the work supported through the Regional PCE programme can be accessed at: