PCE Role & Purpose

The Regional Patient Client Experience (PCE) Programme is led by the Public Health Agency (PHA) in collaboration with all Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts. To meet the PCE team click here (link to contact list per trust)



The Regional Patient Client Experience Programme seeks to analyse the experiences of everyone (service users, families, carers and staff) who engage with services in HSCNI. The programme focuses upon the analysis of stories/narrative through a number of tested data collection methods , under three initiatives –

  • Online User Feedback Service – Care Opinion
  • 10,000 More Voices Projects
  • Care Homes – Voices of residents and families

Across all initiatives the Regional PCE programme seeks to be accessible to anyone who wishes to share their stories and provides a wide range of mechanisms to engage each initiative including online, printed format, easy read formats, sign language, formats to support visual impairment and translation for top 15 languages in UK.




The purpose of sharing your experience is to measure the quality of experiences and drive improvements within services within Health and Social Care and the wider sector.

The Regional PCE Programme presents the collective messages from service user, families and carers who have shared an experience through an initiative seeks to share the findings to the leaders and decision makers within our health and social care system. This also support exploring learning from complaints, investigations/reviews and serious adverse incidents to provide a complete picture on experiences of service users, families and carers.

Through robust analysis of the narrative, Regional PCE team presents learning at a strategic level by identifying positive practices within the system, to nurture and develop, and highlighting areas for improvement where the experience has been challenging and learning is identified.