Integrated Care System

Integrated Care System Information

A new Integrated Care System (ICS) is being developed for Northern Ireland.

This system will mean a new way of planning, managing and delivering our health and social care services.

The ICS will help many parts of the health and social care system to work more closely together along with local councils and the voluntary and community sector.

It will allow for more of a focus to meeting local needs and to focus not just on delivering services in a better way but also on helping people to say fit and well in the first instance.

Personal and Public Involvement and Co-Production will remain at the heart of this new way of working and there will be a number of ways for Service Users and Carers and local communities to get involved.

Further information on ICS Involvement opportunities will be shared here, on the Engage website.

Please click here for some further information on the ICS or click below to read latest issue of ICS Connect eZine