Regional HSC PPI Forum

It is the responsibility of the Public Health Agency (PHA) to oversee the implementation of the PPI policy. One of the ways the PHA fulfils this role is through the Regional HSC PPI.

The Regional HSC PPI Forum members are service users, carers, people from the community/voluntary sector and staff from each organisation in the HSC. The purpose of the Forum is to aid in the development and application of the PPI Action Plan. The Forum also provides strategic leadership and advice to help shape, guide and deliver PPI regionally in all HSC organisations. Through the Forum the PHA has taken the lead on integrating PPI into HSC culture and practice. Examples of this include the coproduction of:

The Regional Standards for PPI - a set of five standards outlining what is expected from HSC organisations and staff in relation to PPI

Regional monitoring arrangements for PPI – to ensure all Trusts are fulfilling their PPI obligations

Engage and Involve – a PPI training programme for the public and HSC staff

Further information on the work of the Regional Forum may be found in the Annual Reports. This is a report produced each year to outline what work has been completed during each period.



Regional Forum