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Public meetings, roadshows and seminars

This is an event where an open invitation has been issued. There may be a set agenda or the discussion may focus on issues raised by those attending the meeting. Key decision makers should be present to inform the discussion.

PositivesNegativesWill deliverWill not deliverCase studies
  • Opportunity for a wide range of people to comment or raise issues;
  • Provides an opportunity for joint consultation e.g. working with other health and social care organisations and local authorities on issues of common interest;
  • Offers opportunity for public to challenge issues directly which increases accountability;
  • Provides an indicator of problem areas and local issues that may not have emerged previously;
  • May provide a good indicator of where to focus attention in future;
  • Seminars enable you to demonstrate your expertise in a particular subject area;
  • A useful method to identify where information will help improve local knowledge;
  • A means to create a listening culture and soliciting sympathetic views based on better understanding.
  • Difficult to predict turnout;
  • Can be a risky approach – no control over who attends or what might happen e.g. individuals claiming that they are the ‘voice of the people’;
  • The audience may be hostile;
  • May only attract interested parties/lobby/pressure groups etc.;
  • It can be costly and resource intensive, e.g. hall hire, advertising, PA systems and refreshments;
  • Limited opportunities for dialogue. Can be boring – audience may feel ‘talked at’.
  • Wide range of feedback;
  • Build energy;
  • Reality check for decision makers.
  • Action plan;
  • Qualitative feedback.

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