New Website

Welcome to the new look Engage website!

Posted On: June 30, 2022

The Engage website provides the public and Health and Social Care (HSC) staff with information, opportunities and resources to encourage and support Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) in the HSC in Northern Ireland. PPI is a term used to describe the involvement of service users, family members and carers in the planning, commissioning, delivery and evaluation of HSC services that are important to them. PPI can also refer to the process of empowering and enabling people to make their voices heard, ensuring that their views are listened to. The HSC has a statutory duty to involve people; people have a right to be heard.

Recently, the decision was taken to look at redesigning the site, to help keep it user friendly and to give it a fresher, more modern look. We are also aiming to make the site easier to navigate and information easier to find.

When it comes to creating and developing work such as this, it is so vitally important that we have a range of service users who can share their expertise, experience and knowledge with us in order to have a final product which will work for everyone.

During the recent redevelopment of our Engage website, it has been a key factor for us to involve service users and take on board their feedback for the site. In particular, we have worked closely with several partially sighted service users who have been advising us on how to make the site fully inclusive and accessible to everyone. They have been completely invaluable with their help. So for example, through advice from these service users, we have made various changes around areas such as background shade contrasts and text size and colour. The site will also be accessible to deaf and partially hearing users and again, we have sought advice and assistance for this and implemented the necessary technology and changes. The Belfast trust reader panel have also helped to review the new website and have helped us with layout and content suggestions.

As we launch our exciting new look Engage website, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their input and assistance so far. The feedback we have received is absolutely invaluable and goes a long way to creating a site that is informative, inclusive and inviting to a wide range of users.

We hope you enjoy the site and would love to hear any feedback you might have. Email us at