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The Department of Health launched the Co-production Guide for Northern Ireland, “Connecting and Realising Value Through People” on the 31st August 2018.

The practical Guide will support the application of a co-production approach across our health and social care system and was developed as part of the Department’s programme of work to transform health and social care provision as envisaged in “Delivering Together 2026”.

Developed using a system wide partnership approach, the Guide provides underpinning principles for co-production, definitions of key terms and practical guidance to a range of stakeholders on the key steps to achieve effective co-production.

Click here to download the Co-production Guide.

The Co-Production guide is also available in Easy read format, please click here to view.

To support the development of the Co-production Guide, the Department of Health hosted a Future Search conference to bring together a group of key stakeholders to make an action plan for Delivering the Future with People at the Heart of Health and Wellbeing.

The purpose of the conference was to enable participants to agree a common mission, to take responsibility for action and to develop commitment to implementation. It took place over three days and involved 69 participants drawn from a wide range of stakeholder groups: Department of Health, people with lived experience of health and social care, community and voluntary sector, representatives of regional organisations, citizens, health and social care staff, health and social care trusts, statutory voice, and wider government.

Charlotte McArdle Chief Nursing Officer said “The Future Search Event was an important milestone in progressing our thinking about how we might more meaningfully partner with people, communities, staff and other multiagency partners in the design of solutions which fundamental improves health and social care outcomes and people experience of care”. In line with the commitments outlined Delivering Together 2026, the Department building on the themes emerging from the events recognises the need to adopt a whole systems approach and has identified the following high level actions to form the basis for progressing and strengthening partnership working across health and social care services.

  1. Consider the establishment of a ‘Partnership Network’ to progress the implementation of the Regional HSC Co-production Guide and recommendations outlined in the report.
  2. Integrate, standardise and strengthen the implementation of existing HSC engagement policy and processes across all HSC bodies.
  3. Scope and develop new policy requirements in line with vision of Partnership working set out in Delivering Together 2026 and the ambition outlined in the Regional Co-Production Guide.
  4. Invest in capacity building measures in order to promote partnership values and working within and across HSC system.
  5.  Develop ‘Citizen Hubs’ which enable and improve partnership working between local communities,  HSC services, Primary Care and local community planning processes in order to improve wellbeing outcomes.

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