Building Research Partnerships

Building Research Partnerships (NI)’ training

Training is designed for:

  1. Patients, carers and members of the public who are involved in or are interested in becoming involved as public partners in research, and;
  2. Researchers who want to learn more about how to implement Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) through-out the research cycle, and build more effective PPI partnerships.


The training has been delivered in partnership by HSC R&D Division and the Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Network since 2012*. Since then, it has been completed by over 400 participants, including researchers, health and social care professionals, patients, carers and the public.


  • How is the training structured?

    The training has two sections:

    • Section 1: A series of pre-recorded presentations that provide an ‘Introduction to PPI in research’. This section can be accessed at any time.
    • Section 2: A ‘live follow-up PPI session’ delivered virtually which enables researchers and patients, carers and members of the public to come together and ask questions, seek support from their peers, and network. We aim to run these sessions at regular time-points throughout the year.
  • What are the aims of the training?

    The aims of the training are to:

    • strengthen mutual understanding and working relationships between researchers and the public, and;
    • support researchers in developing and delivering quality research that is accessible, acceptable and patient focussed.
  • How do I access the training?
    • Section 1: You can access the series of ‘pre-recorded presentations’ that provide an ‘Introduction to PPI in research’ by clicking here.
    • Section 2: For further information and to register your interest for a ‘live follow-up PPI session’, please contact Cara McClure
    • To fully benefit from the training, we recommend that you complete both Section 1 and Section 2. It is advised that you view the series of pre-recorded presentations before you attend a live follow up PPI session.
  • What other support is available?
    • In addition to the online delivery of the ‘Building Research Partnerships NI’ training, we aim to host an annual face-to-face ‘PPI Masterclass’. Please check here for further updates. You can also register your interest by contacting Cara McClure
  • Resources

The content is relevant to all types of research and previous evaluations have been overwhelmingly positive with 97% of participants rating the training as excellent or good. In recent years, the training has moved from face-to-face delivery to online.