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Formalised involvement on strategic groups

Individuals are recruited onto strategic groups to provide a service user and/or carer perspective on a particular subject. Their input is not representative of a wider community but acts as an ‘involvement conscience’ to the group. They can advise on how best to gain wider involvement from other stakeholders on key issues as required.

Early involvement of individuals is recommended alongside:

  1. A comprehensive induction;
  2. Determine the need for training, and;
  3. Ongoing support.

For example: Local Commissioning Groups.

PositivesNegativesWill deliverWill not deliverCase studies
  • Can influence decision makers at a high level;
  • Can lead to a mechanism for involvement of much wider groups and communities;
  • Has the potential to involve individuals at co-design and co-production levels.
  • Can become “talking shops”;
  • Administrative burden and increased time taken for decisions and actions;
  • Can be used to promote specific agendas of certain groups or individuals unless preventative mechanisms are established and employed;
  • Participants require substantial time to read papers/documentation in advance of meetings;
  • Ideally it requires individuals who have capacity to articulate views on behalf of others;
  • Individuals(s) may not be able to contribute to the agenda beyond their own experience.
  • Input from expert participants;
  • Shared vision.


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