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Opportunities to get involved with Health and Social Care

A list of current opportunities to get involved in Health and Social Care are below.

Should you have an opportunity you wish to submit,  fill out the submission form.

Please ensure all text is concisely written with the closing date (if applicable) and commitment required made clear. It may help you to look at the designing a role description guide.

  • Give us your views – Developing guidance for involvement in Serious Adverse Incidents (SAI’s) 28th February 2019
    The Department of Health is currently seeking your views on the development of new guidance relating to the involvement of families in Serious Adverse Incident investigations in Health and Social Care. A Serious Adverse Incident is when something happens with someone’s treatment or care which could have or did lead to harm. That harm may be unexpected or unexplained and could lead to serious injury or death. Events which are reported as Serious Adverse Incidents (SAIs) help to identify learning even when it is not clear something went wrong with the treatment or care provided. The purpose of an SAI review is to understand what occurred and to share learning across the relevant services.
  • Involving the Public in the Design and Conduct of Research: Building Research Partnerships 6th February 2019
    This 1-day long free workshop will look at practical ways to involve patients and the public as partners (PPI) in the research process. It will explore the issues related to becoming and being a member of the public involved in research and the role of researchers in facilitating this involvement.
  • Hyponatraemia Implementation Programme 4th February 2019
    The Department of Health is currently taking forward a programme of work to implement the recommendations arising from the Inquiry into Hyponatraemia-Related Deaths (IHRD), allowing members of the public to register their interest in developments across the implementation programme.