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Opportunities to get involved with Health and Social Care

A list of current opportunities to get involved in Health and Social Care are listed below.

Should you have an opportunity you wish to submit,  fill out the submission form. All opportunities will also feature on the Patient Client Council website.

For guidance on reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses see here, or download a claim form

Please ensure all text is concisely written, with the closing date (if applicable) and commitment required included. For further guidance, see designing a role description guide.

  • Leading in Partnership Leadership Programme 25th November 2020
    This exciting new programme offers HSC staff, service users, carers, community and voluntary sector an excellent opportunity to develop your capacity to: lead in Partnership working from involvement to co-production, use PPI and co-production to achieve quality improvement and support transformation and service change by involving service users, carers, community and voluntary sector.
  • Become a Lay Member on the BHF Data Science Centre Oversight Committee 17th November 2020
    The British Heart Foundation (BHF) Data Science Centre works to deliver the data and data science needed to address some of the most pressing challenges in heart and circulatory health research. This can help shape health services for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks, heart failure and strokes), provide patients and health professionals with the tools to make better decisions, and bring the latest medical discoveries to patients across the UK.
  • NHS England and NHS Improvement Consultation 11th November 2020
    This event is to provide information to the patients and public about seven consultations NHS England and NHS Improvement are running to discuss how medicines are supplied to patients, to encourage them to engage with the consultation, direct them to the consultation portal and to answer any questions they have. The event is not aimed at getting views to feed into the consultation.
  • Engage 2020 Virtual Conference 9th November 2020
    This conference format is new and exciting, ‘Engage 2020’ will run for two weeks (16 - 27 November). Co-designed with network members, it includes ‘main stage’ sessions, masterclasses, solution surgeries, community panels, practice development and peer-led learning sessions on a variety of online platforms. There are also a range of well-being sessions, these are designed to support you in these challenging times but also to inspire creative approaches to involving people and communities. The overarching theme of Engage 2020 focuses on ‘What we have learned about community engagement from the recent pandemic, and how we can apply this to the recovery of the health system, building a better health system for all’.
  • Cardiomyopathy Change Makers 21st August 2020
    As a Cardiomyopathy Change Maker you will bring new perspectives to our project. You will work with us over approximately 3 years, attending ad-hoc meetings roughly once a month, along with additional email consultations. In return, you will receive online induction training and be given a key contact for ongoing support and information in the role. This is a new volunteering role, which is continuously evolving, share your passion for improving the lives of people with cardiomyopathy and apply now.
  • ACCORD Public Community 6th July 2020
    Who are we looking for? We would like our community to reflect the diversity of people living in the UK. In particular we hope to achieve representation from: • Regions across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; • Those who often face additional barriers when it comes to taking part in research, such as Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, those with social and/or financial barriers, and those with disabilities; • Patients, carers, and the general population. You need to be willing to respond to requests for support with short turn arounds (as little as 24 hours) and you will need to be able to access and respond to documents sent over email. Some activities will require you to use video conferencing in order to contribute. We do not expect you to be able to contribute to every opportunity. All documentation should be treated confidentially. How will I be supported? The Patient and Public Involvement team at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust will, on behalf of the ACCORD team: • Be your point-of-contact; • Provide you with 1:1 support as needed, such as how to set yourself up for virtual meetings; • Organise payment for your time and expenses.
  • Working for openness in Health and Social Care 29th May 2020
    “Task and Finish” Groups are being set up to shape and quality assure Guidance for people who use Health and Social Care Services, on how openness must apply across Health and Social Care. The aim is to make sure that patients, service users and their families and carers experience openness and candour in all their dealings with Health and Social Care; in day to day appointments (Level 1 Group) and when something untoward has happened but harm hasn’t occurred (Level 2 Group). The Department of Health is looking for up to five Lay people for each Group to: • Help shape and quality assure the draft openness Guidance for individuals using health and social care services, setting out their rights and responsibilities; • Help to shape future public involvement initiatives to test the Guidance. Could you #Make Change Together by helping to shape this Guidance?
  • Dedicated Northern Ireland Covid-19 app launched 6th April 2020
    People can ask specific questions through the app with an Advice Search ‘chatbot’ that automatically reviews all the guidance to find a response to match individual queries. By providing early and easily accessible advice to the public, and information on whether someone may need to speak to a healthcare professional the app should also help with easing pressure on GP surgeries, pharmacies and other community services. Once downloaded, people who use the app will also receive push notifications, which will include the latest public health advice.
  • Provide strategic direction as a lay member for Health Data Research UK 6th April 2020
    Health Data Research UK is the national institute for health data science. Our mission is to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. By working in partnership with the NHS, industry, academia and patients, and providing safe and secure access to rich health data, we aim to better understand diseases and discover new ways to prevent, treat and cure them. We've made some changes to our Governance structure and have two new Boards that will report directly into our Executive Committee - the 'Improving and Uniting the Data Delivery Group (IDG)' and the 'Using the Data Delivery Group (UDG)'. We’re seeing more and more how health data continues to have such an important role to play when it comes to healthcare and so we're looking for lay members to join these Boards and have a key role in providing strategic advice and ensuring the patient and public voice has a vital role in decision making.
  • Survey on Self Isolation due to Covid-19 24th March 2020
    This survey is open to the general public who are isolating due to COVID-19. It is being led by Professor Mark Tully in Ulster University and co-investigators in Anglia Ruskin University.