Technology Enabled Care Discovery Project

Location: Regional


Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is the use of technology to provide health and care services to people in their own homes, or near to home, helping people to live independently and safely. It has the potential to offer Northern Ireland the opportunity to change the way we deliver health and care services.

At Digital Health & Care Northern Ireland (DHCNI), we are undertaking a discovery project, working with local design firm, Big Motive. The aim is to help us deliver an initial phase of work to help establish a framework, tools and capability to accelerate the implementation of tech-enabled care. We know that introducing new technology comes with challenges and that is why we are doing this important work.

To begin, we are holding a series of discovery exercises in areas where technology is already being used effectively or where TEC might provide an opportunity for service improvement.

These discussions will explore the opportunity for TEC in the areas of:
1. Care homes
2. Hospital at home
3. Telecare
4. Hypertension, and
5. Long-term condition management

We are starting this journey and will be sure to provide regular updates on the progress we’re making and what we learn along the way on our website DHCNI – Digital Health & Care, Northern Ireland (

In the meantime, we need your help and welcome participants to participate in this discovery project.  Participation will involve joining us at a focus group discussion about the area(s) you have selected.  This will be a focus group along with representatives from across health and social care, the independent and the community and voluntary sectors.

For more information, please email Jonathan indicating which exploration you may be interested in.