CAMHS Alumni

CAMHS Alumni formed in August 2017 and completed three phases of work over an 18 month period. The group, having had their own personal experience of significant mental health difficulties, wanted to allay anticipatory anxieties for young people (and their families) accessing the service.  CAMHS Alumni members were extremely generous with their knowledge, skills and time, completing all work with the CAMHS facilitator and overcoming many barriers, such as having very limited resources. At what ...

Volunteer peer advocacy service

A group of service users, carers and professionals identified the need for a Peer Advocacy Service (PAS) in 2011, resulting in the appointment of a peer coordinator and the establishment of a Peer Advocacy Steering Group consisting of service users, carers and professionals. This group agreed that courses should be co-designed to provide prospective peer advocates with the knowledge, skills and values required of the peer advocates.   At what level did the PPI take place? Co-produc...