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The Public Health Agency (PHA) and Patient and Client Council (PCC) commissioned research to determine the impact of Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) in Northern Ireland.

The research was undertaken by a research team led by Queen’s University, Belfast, and funded by HSC Research and Development Division, PHA.

The research identified 10 recommendations for HSC organisations to support them to continue to progress PPI:

1. For the development of effective PPI, adequate and dedicated resources are essential.

2. There should be an ongoing process of raising awareness of what PPI is and what it means for staff, service users and carers.

3. PPI needs to be defined in a way that is explicit and meaningful to service users, carers, providers and the wider public.

4. Each Trust should develop a PPI champion staff role with a small team whose jobs will be entirely and specifically related to PPI at Trust level.

5. Social media and technology should be effectively utilised to promote PPI across HSC. This should include a one-stop website for information, guidance, support, resources, templates and good practice examples.

6. Structured evaluation must be built into PPI as a way to measure its effectiveness.

7. Feedback on the impact of involvement should be standard practice.

8. Appropriate and dedicated PPI training should be made available for HSC staff.

9. PPI should be a core feature of all Trust recruitment and performance/appraisal processes.

10. PPI needs to be built into accountability structures and decision-making processes at senior manager/director level.


Download the research reports below:

Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) and its impact – PPI Summary Report [web]

Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) and its impact – PPI Main Research Report (Final January 2017) Final Master copy

Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) and its impact – NI PPI Research easy read report (January 2017) final

Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) and its impact – PPI Research recommendations overview Feb 17 v1


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