Citizens’ juries

A Jury (12-16 members), made up of a small panel of independent people who are  non-specialists, carefully examine and discuss an issue of public significance and deliver a “verdict”. They are brought together to examine both written and verbal evidence about different perspectives on the issue they are deliberating on. This will include a full range of opinions, often in the form of worked up options on what should be done about the issue. The Jury will receive information which is presented th...

Appreciative inquiry

An approach for creating a vision and planning through understanding and appreciating the past, as a basis for imagining the future. This process builds a vision for the future using questions to focus people’s attention on success. Working through stages: Discovery – identification of organisational processes that work well; Dream – envisioning of processes that will work well in the future; Design – planning and prioritising processes, and; Destiny – Implementation. The foc...