Task and finish/Project group

These groups are established to consider a particular subject area in detail and are made up of a representative group. Such groups will normally have up to 12 members and will meet to assess service needs, identify local issues and determine the appropriateness of service developments. From which an action plan or a report will be developed. Task and finish groups are normally time bound according to the brief. After which some participants may go to be involved  at a strategic level. ...

Community planning

Community Planning is not a method per se, it is a government initiative, but it is included here because it demonstrates a way of dealing with the issues surrounding community planning to implement a shared vision for promoting the wellbeing of an area, community cohesion and improving the quality of life of its citizens. It focuses on processes that enable participation; enhance control through shared decision making; and create opportunities to learn, practice, and increase skills. The Commun...

Appreciative inquiry

An approach for creating a vision and planning through understanding and appreciating the past, as a basis for imagining the future. This process builds a vision for the future using questions to focus people’s attention on success. Working through stages: Discovery – identification of organisational processes that work well; Dream – envisioning of processes that will work well in the future; Design – planning and prioritising processes, and; Destiny – Implementation. The foc...