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The A-Z of Care

Young people in care are creating on a glossary of terms to replace the jargon and abbreviations already existing within Social Care as they feel they are inaccessible.
This project is supported by Voice of Young People in Care (VOYPIC).

At what level did the PPI take place?

  • Service development/delivery

PPI helped the project to

  • Increase ownership;
  • Improve quality.


VOYPIC supported young people to attend the public consultation on ‘Strategy for Looked after Children: Improving Children’s Lives’ May 2018. In this consultation Young People identified that they weren’t happy with the way in which they were being spoken about in terms of the abbreviations and hard to understand language.
The inaccessibility of these terms also meant that their friends, families and carers couldn’t always understand information accurately and it left the young person feeling isolated.

Aim of involvement

Give young service users a voice, and an opportunity to create a resource that can be used as a glossary of alternative terms commonly used when speaking about the care system and the individuals within it.

The resource can go to professionals within HSC as well as service users and carers, allowing those within the system to feel that the jargon used around them is understandable and accessible.

Method(s) of Involvement


Gaining consensus can be difficult when working with so many people, each with their own experiences.
Quality engagement takes time and this can sometimes frustrate participants who are very keen to see a final product as soon as possible.

Outcomes due to involvement

The project is not yet complete, however already over 40 young people across Northern Ireland have been involved with the project and feel that their voices are being heard and taking ownership over a resource that will affect them directly.

Feedback/quotes from service users/carers involved

None yet as the project is still ongoing.


Consultation began in May 2018 and the project is still ongoing within more young service users having an input at the Young Peoples conference in March 2019.

Further Information

For further information, contact:
Alicia Toal (Operations Director)
Voice of Young People in Care

Email: Alicia.toal@voypic.org
Tel: 028 9024 4888