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Engage & Involve is a learning and development programme aimed at HSC staff to increase awareness and understanding of PPI. The training will stimulate thinking and provide ideas for how to involve people in different settings and situations. The programme has been developed to bring consistency and an understanding of the different approaches to PPI across Northern Ireland.

Check out the PPI Training Matrix to help you identify what training you require.

Click on the links below to find out further details on the Engage & Involve training modules. The training is designed to be delivered locally and further information is available via the PPI team in your HSC organisation.

PPI e-learning awareness training
All HSC staff are recommended to undertake this interactive e-learning training to develop an understanding of Personal and Public Involvement (PPI). It is also recommended that this module is undertaken prior to delivering or attending any of the Engage & Involve modules listed below.
How to access the training: HSC staff can access the Engage & Involve online training through the Regional HSC Learning Centre site.  This can be accessed here.
Practical PPI
This course will provide a practical approach to undertaking PPI. Participants will learn about communicating, engaging people to participate, facilitation skills and how to measure PPI outcomes. As part of this course, participants will develop a PPI action plan to support them to implement a PPI project.
Communication and PPI
This module will help you to choose and plan a communication strategy that will increase levels of involvement with your chosen audience/client groups. It will also deal with issues about how to achieve public involvement in service planning. It will offer guidance on dealing with vulnerable and hard to reach groups and suggest methods of engagement, consultation and involvement.
Facilitation skills for PPI
This module will cover basic facilitation skills aimed at managing better meetings, group discussion and public engagement events. This will help to plan and facilitate involvement with service users, carers and the public.
Getting people to participate in PPI
This module will deal with issues about how to achieve public involvement in service planning. It will offer guidance on dealing with vulnerable and hard to reach groups and suggest methods of engagement, consultation and involvement.
Measuring PPI
This module will outline why it is important to monitor the activity and the impact of involvement. You will be introduced to a range of potential ways to monitor activity, including the development and analysis of questionnaires for use in service areas.
PPI Coaching
This module is aimed at people with knowledge/experience in coaching and will further help develop skills to coach colleagues on PPI.
PPI Team Briefing
This module is aimed at team leaders and will equip them with the skills and knowledge to deliver a PPI team briefing.
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PPI trainers can access the password protected resources for the Engage & Involve programme here.

Other training is available which is relevant to PPI.  This may be accessed via the HSC organisation through which it is offered.

The HSCB (Health and Social Care Board) offers the Involving People PPI training programme, which began in June 2018. Involving People is aimed at managers and team leaders currently employed in Health and Social Care and will help participants to develop their PPI leadership skills with a focus on Co-production. The programme is fully funded by the HSCB and is accredited with an ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership. It will cover:

  • How you can become a better leader, capable of making meaningful change in your area.
  • How to engage and involve service users and carers in planning and developing services.
  • What Co-production really means and how to co-produce plans for service deliver.
  • Making a meaningful link between involving people and achieving quality improvement.

More information about Involving People is available here.