Using health data to improve the quality of care with The Health Foundation

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The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK. The Data Analytics directorate work to understand how health and the quality of care is changing, and where it might be improved. They want to improve and grow engagement and involvement of patients, carers and the public in their work and the first step towards this is conversations between patients and members of the public, and staff.



Project overview

They are looking for 10 people from across the UK to have a one hour phone conversation about how health data is used. These conversations are an opportunity to ask questions you may have about health data and how it is used to understand the quality of care. We want to include people who are not sure why data matters or who feel nervous or skeptical about how sharing health data might impact them.

Commitment required

Attend event e.g. interview, information event, focus group


To take part, you will need to be available for a one hour telephone call between 21st October and 8th November, as well as two 15 minute calls before and after. Everyone selected will be paid a small sum of £30 as a thank you for taking part.



Register your interest

Please email for further information or to register your interest.