tCI Connect 2019 – ‘Solution Room’

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tCI Connect 2019 will host a ‘Solution Room’. Participate in interactive discussions with Institute Associates and sponsors, and explore possible solutions to overcome current challenges in public consultation and engagement exercises.

The session will be lead by Ruth, an Institute Associate and a communications consultant with over 20 years’ experience of communicating, engaging and consulting with communities. A firm believer that improved conversations lead to better decision making, Ruth is a vocal advocate of good quality engagement which allows multiple voices to be heard – regardless of how much their views may differ. At Connect, Ruth will be leading a session called “The Five-Step Guide to Risk Assessment”.

Project overview

This 20 minute session will be a simulation of a Risk Assessment Workshop, with delegated role-playing through a scenario to assess both potential and actual risks, calculate the risk the project poses to the organisation, and identify mitigation activities to reduce that risk through engagement and involvement. Institute Associate, Ruth, will talk delegates through one of her own projects, and share her top five ‘must-do’ activities to ensure you are best equipped when preparing for or running a consultation.

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