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Health Data Research UK is looking for four lay members to join its refreshed Governance structure. The Improving and Uniting the Data Delivery Group (IDG) will be focusing on areas of work which support our aims to unite (i.e. bring together) and improve the data (through various tools and methods) whilst the Using the Data Delivery Group (UDG) will be focusing on our science, research and training programmes. Both of these boards ultimately support our aims to use data to enable researchers and innovators to make advances in healthcare.

We’re looking for people who have experience of working at a strategic level or with senior leaders as a patient or public representative and are able to confidently put across their views. You don’t need to be pro-access when it comes to health data to become a Lay Member. There is a great value to having a mix of thoughts and opinions – all we ask is that you are respective of the views of others and are interested in this area of work.

Project overview

Health Data Research UK is the national institute for health data science. Our mission is to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. By working in partnership with the NHS, industry, academia and patients, and providing safe and secure access to rich health data, we aim to better understand diseases and discover new ways to prevent, treat and cure them. We've made some changes to our Governance structure and have two new Boards that will report directly into our Executive Committee - the 'Improving and Uniting the Data Delivery Group (IDG)' and the 'Using the Data Delivery Group (UDG)'. We’re seeing more and more how health data continues to have such an important role to play when it comes to healthcare and so we're looking for lay members to join these Boards and have a key role in providing strategic advice and ensuring the patient and public voice has a vital role in decision making.

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To apply for the roles, have a look at our website for more information (where you'll also find contact details if you'd like to speak to the team): - Improving and Uniting the Data Delivery Group = - Using the Data Delivery Group =