Integrated Care System NI-Service User Member and Carer Member

Location: Southern Health and Social Care Trust

Service User Member and Carer Member for the
Southern Test Area Integrated Partnership Board
Integrated Care System NI


Project Overview
A new way of planning and managing our health and social care system is in
development called Integrated Care System NI (ICS NI).

It will mean a range of people working together more at a local level to better
understand the needs of local people in relation to their health and wellbeing and to
agree better ways to meet those needs.

There will be some new structures established to help make this work and the whole
system is due to be in place by April 2024.

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Involvement Opportunity
The Southern Health and Social Care Trust Area will be testing this new way of
working and is establishing an Area Integrated Partnership Board (AIPB) in April
2023. This is expected to be in place until the end of September 2023.

Expressions of Interest are now being sought for a Service User member and a
Carer member of that Board.

The other AIPB members will include: GPs, Community Pharmacist, Chief Executive
and Directors from the Southern HSC Trust, representatives from the Community
and Voluntary (C&V) sector and from the Community Planning Partnerships (CPP).


The overarching aim of each AIPB is to deliver improved health and social care
outcomes and reduce health inequalities for their local population areas based on a
population health approach and through improved integrated working across sectors
and boundaries in the planning, delivery and management of services.


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