Fibromyalgia: a hidden condition

This project aims to explain the impact that fibromyalgia has on people’s health, family life, work and hopes. In particular, their frustration with the time taken to get a diagnosis, the lack of understanding of the condition on the part of many healthcare professionals and society, and the lack of effective medication and support for self-management. The key aim of the involvement is to identify how services could be improved within existing constraints and how people can be true partners i...

Future planning for older people caring for adult dependents with a learning disability

In 2012 the Patient and Client Council (PCC) was approached by a small number of elderly carers who were caring for adults with a learning disability. They were concerned for the future of their loved ones when they could no longer care for them. As a result of these conversations, the PCC worked to understand the needs of elderly carers with a view to championing change together. This project has involved extensive engagement between service users, carers and those with responsibility for pl...

Dalriada Pathfinder

The Dalriada Pathfinder Project is an example of co-production where a range of individuals in the Moyle area came together to create true, equal partnerships to find very real and practical solutions to help people live well in their own community. The Project focuses on personal outcomes helping people to take control of their own lives, which is supported by and contributing to strong local networks. The project design was shaped by everyone involved. PPI helped the project to Identify ...