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Why was this video developed?

The PPI Community of Practice developed two involvement Checklists, to aid healthcare staff, service users and family carers to work more effectively in positive partnerships.

These were designed around the acronym GREAT and were launched in October 2018. They have been successfully shared and used widely across Northern Ireland.



The GREAT Video

The GREAT work has been developed further into this online learning resource.

The scenes reflect the real barriers to good engagement and how to promote best practice when coproducing new initiatives and redesigning services within the area of Quality Improvement. All were co-written and co-designed with experienced service users and family carers.

  • Content includes six videos to be watched in the order given below.
  • All can be viewed in one learning session with discussion after each section.
  • Sections can also be viewed individually over time.

The Making Improvement GREAT video resources were officially launched on 17th September at the Innovation Factory, Belfast.

You can view the Launch Report here.

Download Videos

If you would like to download the videos on to your device, please use the download instructions below.

How to download the GREAT video resources to your computer or USB device


    • Introduction – Making Improvement GREAT


Introduction – Making Improvement from HSCNI on Vimeo.

    • G – Getting started (Film 1)

Getting Started from HSCNI on Vimeo.


    • R – Reimbursement (Film 2)

Janice from HSCNI on Vimeo.


    • E – Expectations (Film 3)

Expectations (Moira) from HSCNI on Vimeo.


    • A – Achievements (Film 4)

QI Team meeting from HSCNI on Vimeo.


Training from HSCNI on Vimeo.


Key Points:

  1. Make sure you have sourced both GREAT Checklists before watching the videos. These can be found on the Engage website and at HSC Quality & Improvement Innovation.
  2. Read the Checklists and the prompt questions under the ‘What do I need to Consider’ section.
  3. You can individually watch each video scenario and use the end of section discussion points, or you can watch as a group and pause to discuss the learning together. Consider what you can now do differently, to make involvement good for everyone – staff, service users and family carers.


If you have any questions about the GREAT Video or the GREAT Checklists please contact the PPI Community of Practice at:





Resources funded by HSCQI and the Public Health Agency (NI)