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A workshop is an event at which participants work collaboratively to solve specific project related tasks. Workshops usually involve a large number of participants who can be split into smaller groups of six to 15 participants. A workshop usually led by someone with a lot of experience in the subject being discussed. Workshops are often used in conjunction with other involvement tools in the early stages of a project to help shape a programme of work.

PositivesNegativesWill deliverWill not deliverCase studies
  • They are participatory, allowing members to be active and influence the direction of the discussion;
  • Has the potential to involve participants at a co-design or co-production level;
  • Opportunity to gain input from a range of backgrounds, which may improve relations with wider stakeholders.
  • Requires considerable staff time to establish;
  • Needs an experienced staff member to lead the workshop;
  • Facilitators are required for each small group;
  • It may be difficult to involve marginalised or hard to reach groups.
  • A roadmap or agreed approach to progress work;
  • Members with the skills for further involvement;
  • Project related outcomes;
  • Qualitative data.
  • Quantitative data.

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