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Questionnaires are a cost effective way of gathering peoples’ views via several different avenues including, assisted, postal and online. They facilitate a quantitative approach to capture information from large numbers or representative samples.

Consideration should be given to the design of the questionnaire including the wording of questions.  Check out the NHSC England guide – ‘writing an effective questionnaire’ – which may help you.

Findings from the questionnaires should be shared with participants.

PositivesNegativesWill deliverWill not deliverCase studies
  • Enable participants to be asked a standard set of questions;
  • Gather views on a range of issues;
  • The same approach can be used again in the future, to give a comparison;
  • Low cost, particularly if carried out online;
  • Anonymity if required;
  • Wide geographical access;
  • Information obtained will be relevant to issue.
  • Not suitable for detailed or ambiguous questions;
  • Not suitable for sensitive issues;
  • No intrusive ‘probing’/influencing;
  • Open to misinterpretation;
  • No control over who completes the questionnaire;
  • Depending on the topic, the response rate may be low;
  • Questionnaires can be incomplete.
  • Wide range of views over a large geographical area.
  • Qualitative data;
  • Action plan.

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