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Open day / exhibition

Normally takes the form of a one-off event where members of the public, service users, carers, interested groups etc. may visit a particular location which is set up, with the prime aim to share information. It usually comprises some form of exhibition, manned by someone with detailed knowledge of the issue who can answer questions, collate concerns and comments etc.

Consideration should be given to ‘opening times’ to allow access for all members of a community.

PositivesNegativesWill deliverWill not deliverCase studies
  • Can facilitate those reluctant to express their views in public;
  • Capable of conveying large amounts of information;
  • Can bring information to people at a very local level;
  • Can be linked in with wide range of associated issues;
  • Convenient for people to access at any time during the event;
  • Provides an opportunity for joint consultations eg working with other health and social care organisations and local authorities on issues of common interest.
  • Can become a complaints forum;
  • Lots of information to process and respond to;
  • Turn out unpredictable;
  • Lack of interaction;
  • Can be difficult environment for the host;
  • Can be politicised.
  • Share information at a local or regional level.
  • In-depth feedback from participants.

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