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Task and finish/Project group

These groups are established to consider a particular subject area in detail and are made up of a representative group. Such groups will normally have up to 12 members and will meet to assess service needs, identify local issues and determine the appropriateness of service developments. From which an action plan or a report will be developed.

Task and finish groups are normally time bound according to the brief. After which some participants may go to be involved  at a strategic level.

PositivesNegativesWill deliverWill not deliverCase studies
  • Allows surveys or other research to be done at short notice (once the group is established);
  • Can be cost effective;
  • Participants shape the agenda;
  • Peer support for participants.
  • Needs considerable staff time/support to establish and maintain;
  • Change is slow which can lead to participants dropping out.
  • An informed action plan/report;
  • Consensus/Shared Vision within the group
  • Improved relationships with wider stakeholders.

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