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This section provides a range of resources to help you to effectively involve service users, carers and the public.  Each section has been designed for you to download the information to support your practice.

Stage of involvement Consider Guide
Planning How to plan for involvement
Engagement Stakeholders
Implementation Role description
Hosting meetings
Assistance to support Involvement Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses  and reimbursement process
Review  Feedback

(developed by Southern HSCT)

GREAT checklists have been developed to support staff undertaking HSC Quality Improvement work.
The checklists may be accessed below:

GREAT Staff checklist

GREAT Servicer User/Carer checklist

The PPI Community of Practice have also developed Making Improvement GREAT video resources, which can be accessed here.

Please also visit our current learning opportunities available to HSC staff, Service Users and Carers, who may want to learn more about how to get involved.