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This project set out to develop a specific teenage allergy clinic at Craigavon Area Hospital within the SHSCT area. Service users were  engaged to answer a questionnaire to highlight specific areas to be included in the new clinic. A new specific resource was developed with feedback from the service users. This resource is to be used as part of 2 workshops in 2019 and this will be used to audit and develop the service in the longterm.

At what level did the PPI take place?

  • One to one;
  • Service development/delivery.

PPI helped the project to

  • Improve efficiency of a service;
  • Improve quality.


Children and young people with peanut and/or nut allergy attend a multidisciplinary paediatric allergy service in Craigavon Area Hospital or Daisyhill Hospital every 2 years. Currently there is no transition clinic to help empower patients as they are discharged from the allergy service to primary care.

Aim of involvement

NICE guidance recommends that a transition service is available for teenagers with a chronic long term condition. Currently, no specific service is available for teenagers within paediatric allergy service in Southern HSCT. The involvement project set out to engage teenagers to develop a new resource for the clinic.

Method(s) of Involvement

Focus group



Teenagers with a nut allergy attend the allergy service every two years. The questionnaires were completed face to face when service users attended a clinic appointment. This increased compliance but meant that numbers where small. The questionnaires continue to be used to engage service users as they attend clinic appointment.

Outcomes due to involvement

The questionnaire highlighted that teenagers were not interested in the day, date, time or location of the clinic but on the topics covered. This was helpful to prioritise the topics that would be covered in specific workshops. They also felt that the new resource was a lot of information but necessary, helpful and easy to read.

Feedback/quotes from service users/carers involved

“Very informative, well thought out”

“Like the language, easy to understand”



Further Information

For further information, contact:
Lorraine Bell(Paediatric Dietitian)
Southern Health and Social Care Trust

Email: Lorraine.bell@southerntrust.hscni.net
Tel: 028 3756 1350