Leading in Partnership Leadership programme

Supporting the HSC to improve how we plan, deliver and lead our services together.   The PPI Leadership Programme has been developed by the HSC Leadership Centre for HSC staff, service users and carers. The programme offers participants the chance to develop their capacity to lead in all areas of PPI, from involvement to co-production, to improve quality and transform services by involving users and carers. It has been co-produced, co-delivered and co-designed with PPI partners, in...

For service users and carers

A number of programmes are available to support service users, carers and members of the public to get involved in Health and Social Care (HSC). E-learning: It may be helpful to view the e-learning programme as an introduction to involvement within Health and Social Care (HSC).  This PPI e-learning awareness programme has been developed with service users and carers to help people understand what PPI is, how you can get involved and the difference it will make to HSC. The programme will take ...

For staff

Engage & Involve is a learning and development programme aimed at HSC staff to increase awareness and understanding of PPI. The training will stimulate thinking and provide ideas for how to involve people in different settings and situations. The programme has been developed to bring consistency and an understanding of the different approaches to PPI across Northern Ireland. Check out the PPI Training Matrix to help you identify what training you require. Click on the links below to fi...