NI Cancer Research Consumer Forum (NICRCF)

The Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Network (NICTN) established the NI Cancer Research Consumer Forum (NICRCF) in 2011. The NICRCF brings together a group of patients and carers affected by cancer to work in partnership with cancer researchers across Northern Ireland and beyond. Involvement utilises various methods such as; face-to-face discussion with researchers, review of patient clinical trial documents, membership of research project committees. NICTN coordinates and supports research delive...

Public Involvement Enhancing Research (PIER)

This project has involved the recruitment of a pool of Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) representatives to inform the work of Health and Social Care (HSC) Research and Development (R&D) Division, Public Health Agency, including participation on funding panels. This group is called PIER (Public Involvement Enhancing Research). The aim of the project is to ensure PPI is implemented in HSC R&D Division and by its stakeholders, increasing awareness of the benefits of PPI to researchers ...

Dalriada Pathfinder

The Dalriada Pathfinder Project is an example of co-production where a range of individuals in the Moyle area came together to create true, equal partnerships to find very real and practical solutions to help people live well in their own community. The Project focuses on personal outcomes helping people to take control of their own lives, which is supported by and contributing to strong local networks. The project design was shaped by everyone involved. PPI helped the project to Identify ...