Being me again – life after brain injury

This project looked at designing a new innovation to the Community Brain Injury Team where individuals who were further on the recovery journey would co-produce and co-deliver a course on this topic – “Being me again – life after Brain Injury ”. Service users were involved in the development, implementation and the evaluation of this project. Focus groups were held to explore common issues and themes following brain injury. A course programme was designed incorporating these and then deliver...

Neurology unit and carer forum

In 2012, the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Neurology Unit moved from Forster Green Hospital to a new building in Musgrave Park Hospital. It was necessary to bring together staff with patients and carers to determine the functions and operational arrangements of the unit. Initially, a survey was carried out to identify priorities for the unit and patients, along with their carers and family members, were fully involved in providing feedback. At what level did the PPI take place? Service ...