Help stop choking

Help Stop Choking is an accessible DVD based on a service user's experience to help increase awareness of choking, promote safe eating strategies and reduce avoidable mortality and adverse harm effects from choking for people with a learning disability. Choking has been identified as one of the leading causes of preventable death in people with a learning disability. John, a service user, hopes that by sharing his story he can improve user experience and help other people reduce their risk of ch...

Working better together: Improving the podiatric care of homeless people in Belfast

Service users from the homeless outreach service in two hostels, Rosemount House and Stella Maris, participated in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust project. Focus groups of both residents and staff were set up and they provided a variety of experiences and information on how to develop podiatry services for people on the homeless spectrum. The impact of the project included: 1) a more efficient and effective delivery of outreach services; 2) a health promotion programme supporting self...