About Engage & Involvement,
Co-production, Partnership Working

Why do we do Involvement, Co-Production & Partnership Working

We carry out involvement, co-production, partnership working because it benefits service users, carers and the HSC. Please see our case studies for details on specific projects in Northern Ireland and the positive outcomes they have generated.

  • Benefits for service users and carers
    • You can have your voice heard about areas you are interested in
    • You can represent people who you care about who might have faced barriers to being heard
    • You can help improve the communication between people who use health services and staff
    • You can improve your ability to self-support and self-manage your health
    • You can help shape service delivery
    • You can help the HSC achieve better health and social care outcomes
  • Benefits for HSC staff of any role
    • You can improve the quality and safety of services
    • You can help tailor services to need and improve efficiency
    • You can utilise service user and carer expertise and knowledge
    • You can help to inform commissioning and set priorities
    • You can reduce complaints and improve morale
    • You can increase ownership of, and adherence with, agreed treatment plans
    • You will be meeting your statutory obligations
  • We also carry out PPI because all HSC organisations have a legal duty to involve and consult with service users and carers about
    • the planning of how care is provided
    • how services are developed and any changes that are being proposed
    • decisions that affect the provision of care

Engage supports people to get involved by:

explaining how to get involved

providing involvement resources, tools, guides and training materials for the public and HSC

advertising current opportunities that people can take part in

enabling the public to propose an involvement project

showcasing the difference others have made through case studies of past work