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What we do

The Regional HSC PPI Forum works to provide leadership and support, to drive forward the promotion and advancement of Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) across Health and Social Care (HSC) organisations in Northern Ireland. The Public Health Agency, working through the Forum, regularly takes the lead in a number of HSC wide developments in the PPI field. This has included the co-production of:

  • regional standards for PPI;
  • regional monitoring arrangements for PPI;
  • Engage & Involve, the HSC PPI training programme.

Further information on the work of the Forum may be found in the Annual Reports and minutes of the meetings below.

Annual Report and meeting minutes

An Annual Report is developed to provide an update of the work of the Forum and also outlines the key areas that have been progressed during the period.

The most recent annual report can be found here.

The Regional Forum meets four times a year. The last meeting was in November 2018 and the minutes can be found here.

Backdated minutes and annual reports are available on request by email to ppi.secretary@hscni.net