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Planning and decision-making in Health and Social Care (HSC) benefits from the active involvement of people and in particular, those who receive or experience services. The evidence of the benefits of involvement is growing.

Involving service users and carers can:

  • Improve the quality and safety of services;
  • Help tailor services to need, and improve efficiency;
  • Utilise service user and carer expertise and knowledge;
  • Help to inform commissioning and set priorities;
  • Reduce complaints;
  • Increase ownership of, and compliance with, agreed treatment plans.

By getting involved, service users and carers can:

  • Improve communication between HSC staff and service users and carers;
  • Improve self support and self management;
  • Have better health and social care outcomes.

What is Involvement?

Co-Chair of the Regional HSC PPI Forum, Michelle Tennyson, explains the importance of involvement in health and social care.

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