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Carers within the Trust were being offered a one-off support intervention at the point of discharge however there was no follow up support offered.

Community Mental Health Team for Older People (CMHTOP) set up a project team with the goal of increasing referrals to the Trust’s Carers Register, from a baseline of zero. The project’s goal is to improve circumstances for carers region wide.

The impact of the project included:

  1. Making the registration process more efficient by integrating carer registration into Navigator checklist
  2. Integrating carer registration into Applications for Grants & Therapies
  3. An information leaflet, promoting the mailing list and emphasising the benefits of signing up to the Carers Register

At what level did the PPI take place?

  • Service development/delivery

PPI helped the project to

  • Improve efficiency of service
  • Improve quality of service


Historically, carers were offered a one-off support intervention at the point of family discharge and often had not been formally linked into ongoing Trust support for their new caring journey.
This was adversely affecting both carers and service users across the region as there is evidence to show that carer wellbeing is a key factor in hospital admissions, readmissions and delays in the transfer of code.

“Statistics show that loneliness has become a public health epidemic… carers – huge impact on their ability to access care and look after themselves” Dr G Doran, Chair RCGPNI, 23 May 18

Aim of involvement

Increase referrals to the Trust’s Carers register, which in turn would give carers the opportunity to access resources which can improve their general wellbeing and make them more aware as to their entitlements and opportunities.

Method(s) of Involvement


Starting from a baseline of zero.

Time needs to be taken to develop relationships with carers especially those who are full-time, lived experience family carers.

Understanding restrictions on full time carers to access resources and join register.

Outcomes due to involvement

Sign up to the carer’s register is now embedded in the current process.

The number of referrals went over the course of the project went from a median of 2 referrals a week to 18 – with a total of 67 carers being added to the list over 4 month period.

>90% of staff said the project had positive benefits

Feedback from staff/carers

Feedback from staff said the initiative ‘Increased service to carers with ongoing support and advice’ they praised the ‘enthusiastic approach by Project Team’ and felt it was ‘Good to offer ongoing support to carers rather than a one-off’.


January – June 2018

Further Information

For further information, contact:
Laura Collins (Family Carer)

Email: lauracollins56@hotmail.com