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For staff

Engage & Involve is a learning and development programme aimed at HSC staff to increase awareness and understanding of PPI. The training will stimulate thinking and provide ideas for how to involve people in different settings and situations. The programme has been developed to bring consistency and an understanding of approach to PPI across Northern Ireland.

Check out the PPI Training Matrix to help you identify what training you require.

Click on the links below to find out further details on the Engage & Involve training modules. The training is designed to be delivered locally and further information is available via your HSC organisation Learning and Development Unit.

PPI e-learning awareness training
Practical PPI
Communication and PPI
Facilitation skills for PPI
Getting people to participate in PPI
Measuring PPI
PPI Coaching
PPI Team Briefing

Other training is available which is relevant to PPI.  This may be accessed via the HSC organisation through which it is offered.