Involvement Conference: Influence, Impact and Innovate – 21 November, Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast

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Involvement Conference 2019: Influence, Impact and Innovate – Crumlin Road Gaol, 21 November, 2019

As part of Involve Fest 18-23 November, the PHA PPI team will also host a conference which will focus on the celebration of service user and carer involvement and their invaluable contribution to shaping and improving Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.

More information and a link to register for tickets to attend can be accessed here.


Project overview

As part of the conference events, we are seeking examples of involvement projects and/or initiatives to share experience and best practice through a workshop. We are therefore inviting submissions from a wide range of contributors including HSC staff, service users, carers and universities etc. We would like to capture the imagination, reflecting the real and valuable impact of involvement in changing and improving Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. Tell us about innovative and creative ideas where service users, carers and staff were involved and worked as partners throughout the development, delivery and/or evaluation of your project and how you hope to share those learning experiences through a workshop format. Examples may include involving people through the arts, service improvement or change initiatives or involvement through Reference Groups or Strategic programmes of work. If you would like to contribute, you can access the submission form at, including additional information about the conference and how to attend.

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