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Ways to involve

A range of involvement methods are available. A number of the method available are listed below under the different involvement levels.  When undertaking involvement, it is likely that a range of involvement methods will be used.

Click on the method below to find out how it works in practice and to also read a case study about how it has been put into practice.

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Level of involvement – Co-production

Level of involvement – Co-design

Level of involvement – Engage and consult

Level of involvement – Inform and educate

Please note that the inclusion of a certain method listed should not be seen as an endorsement, nor should the omission of a particular method mean that it is somehow deficient. There are innumerable different methods being used. In addition, new ones are being invented all the time, so no list can ever be comprehensive. If you would like to include a method, please send details to engage@hscni.net.

The information has been compiled by the Patient and Client Council and PHA and collated using various sources including The King’s Fund and Southern Health and Social Care Trust toolkit.