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Current opportunities to get involved in Health and Social Care

There are a range of ways to become involved in Health and Social Care (HSC).

This section outlines some of the different ways that people can get involved in HSC Organisations.

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Public Health Agency (PHA)

The PHA is the regional organisation established with the following key functions:
• health and social wellbeing improvement;
• health protection;
• public health support to commissioning and policy development;
• HSC research and development;
• leadership of implementation of PPI policy.

If you would like to get involved in the PHA, please send your details to ppi.secretary@hscni.net.

The PHA co-ordinates the following programmes:

  • Health and Social Care Research & Development
    Involving people in research, means involvement in all aspects of the research process as partners, rather than as research subjects. There are opportunities for the public to get involved with us by taking part in research groups, committees and panels to help researchers to:

  • Project Retain
    Project Retain aims to support nurse recruitment and retention in care of older people by embedding a culture of ‘open and transparent communication across all bands and disciplines of staff’. At its core is a drive to achieve a truly person-centred service where older people , carers, the public and staff are engaged in a partnership approach to achieving nurse retention in Northern Ireland. Age NI is currently recruiting volunteer facilitators to participate in Project Retain. Age NI Peer Facilitators will assist with the facilitation of focus groups involving a range of bands and disciplines of nursing staff across the five Health Trust and be supported to talk about what really matters to older people who are receiving health and social care services. For more information, contact Age NI at telephone 028 9024 5729 or email projectretain@ageni.org
  • Ten Thousand Voices
    Patient experience is recognised as a key element in the delivery of quality health and social care. In line with this the PHA and Health and Social Care Board are carrying out an extensive work across all HSC Trusts with the aim of introducing a more patient-focused approach to services and shaping future health and social care in Northern Ireland. The 10,000 Voices and 10,000 More Voice initiatives gives you an opportunity to tell us your experience of receiving health and social care and in particular highlight what is important to you and what matters to you. Find out more information about 10,000 Voices and opportunities to get involvement in current surveys here.
  • Improving services for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage
    The PHA is working with Health and Social Care and the Patient Client Council to develop a regional care pathway to help improve local services for women and couples who have experienced recurrent miscarriage. Please click here to find out more information about the event and to register your interest in attending.  Alternatively you can download a hard copy here.